These are the worst actors and film last year!

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In addition to the Oscars, the Golden Raspberries (or Razzie awards) were also awarded for the worst achievements in the past year. Here are some of the devastating titles.

The Golden Raspberry, the award for the worst film achievements, is traditionally awarded just before the Oscars, and yesterday it was awarded for the forty-second time.

The absolute winner is “Diana”, a Netflix musical about the deceased British princess, which received five undesirable awards, in the categories of worst film, screenplay, direction, main, and supporting actress.

Earlier, critics pointed out that the film was completely spiritless and that it was made solely for profit. Although the movie had the most nominations, Raspberries’ team probably did not expect such a large number.

“Space Jam – A New Legacy” is not far behind “Diana”, a remake of the original “Space Jam” from 1996 with Michael Jordan, who received three statues.

Jordan’s colleague LeBron James failed to repeat his success. On the contrary, he received the Golden Raspberry for the worst lead actor and for the worst acting collaboration with any cartoon character. In addition, the film was named last year’s worst remake.

Let’s add that Golden Raspberry was won by Jared Leto for the worst supporting actor for the role of Paul Gucci in the film “House of Gucci”, while Bruce Willis won the award in his own category – the worst film with Bruce Willis, for the film “Cosmic Sin”.

Recall, Sandra Bullock managed to get both awards, Oscar and Golden Raspberry, in the same year! She won an Oscar for her role in the sports drama “The Blind Side”, and the night before the Oscars, she received the Golden Raspberry for the comedy “All About Steve” with Bradley Cooper. While receiving the award, she delighted the audience by asking someone to try to read the part of the script rather than her.

Some of the great actors who won this not-so-great award are Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Marlon Brando, and Al Pacino. The most important thing is, that everyone took it with a smile. We guess they are aware of how good they actually are!





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