Three Business Areas to Increase Revenue in 2023


You will not be able to succeed in your business if you’re not checking the future. Looking ahead will help you to evolve and make the necessary changes. Since the traditional business model has been continuously changing, new trends are coming, and businesses that do not change are at more risk.

Hence business owners who are in the service industry have started thinking about the role of technology in their revenue generation and business growth. Several surveys show the biggest priorities that the retail services industries are considering to drive efficiency and revenue in 2023.

Irrespective of your business genre, these three priorities, when considered, can be helpful for your business as well.

According to the survey:

  • 80% of the respondents in the survey mentioned that employee collaboration is extremely important to improve business processes.
  • From three respondents, one has to say that increasing sustainability is one of the most common priorities of businesses when it comes to increasing growth revenue.
  • 45% of business leaders have ranked economic stagnation as one of the biggest global risks.

Getting digitally transformed

Innovation in technology has increased agility and productivity, which allows both mid-and small-size businesses to compete with their competitors. Even in such a phase with huge competition, when you choose to invest in SAP business one or another cloud-based technology, it will become highly effective and improve efficiency. As it can keep the employees connected with one centralized database, it boasts collaboration and helps improve the work environment.

Two of the most popular SAP ERP solutions that can be extremely beneficial in your business strategy include SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One. These processes will help to streamline and automate your business process, which allows companies to maintain their production level irrespective of the circumstances.


Sustainable services and products are more effective in generating revenue and have a positive effect on the environment. When businesses consider sustainability in the product development stage, it can actually increase their revenue growth and offer long-term value in their business life-cycle. With a longer life-cycle of your goods, you will face lesser loss and lesser product damage.

Many prioritize sustainability while formulating their business strategy; it also reduces the need for relying on external sources, cuts a lot of costs, and eliminates waste.

For example, choosing an SAP ERP solution can be beneficial for businesses when it comes to functioning from anywhere. Therefore, employees require less commuting and save carbon emissions and gas while increasing efficiency.

Reduces risk:

When it comes to ensuring long-term success, the first thing is to mitigate risk. Some of the most ensuring aspects is a technology like SAP business one, which can be exceptionally beneficial for small businesses when it comes to safeguarding them against different types of risks.

In recent times, there have been economic downturns due to supply chain disruption. These have affected several industries throughout the world. Hence SAP for retail sector can be a good choice for monitoring every aspect of the operation.

So, if you want to improve in these three business areas to mitigate the risk and move ahead in the competitive market, implementing SAP business one by choosing Cogniscient can be a valuable decision.

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