Three signs that you are a victim of an emotional manipulator

Signs of emotional manipulation are not always easy to recognize, especially if we are manipulated by someone we love and trust.

Three signs that you are a victim of an emotional manipulator

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Relationship manipulation is first used to establish control over the partner, but also to make the manipulator feel superior. Most often, such relationships end violently, and the feelings of the victim of manipulation are hurt, self-confidence is disturbed, as well as the general emotional and mental state. That is why it is important to recognize the emotional manipulator in time and prevent a toxic relationship.

Here are the three signs that will reveal it first:

1. Makes you doubt your own judgment

"Gaslighting" is the most obvious strategy used by manipulators. This technique is used in tactical conversations when the manipulator tries to convince the victim to believe his opinion and vision, and at the same time to doubt their point of view and assessment. The formation of doubts in our view of the world and instincts automatically makes us dependent on the manipulator and subject to his attempts at control. "Gaslighting" can be called a situation when the manipulator makes you doubt your own perception of things and most often uses it to justify his mistakes, and maybe even blame you and convince you that you are wrong. Manipulators often use the weaknesses of their victims and arouse suspicion in them to make them vulnerable.

2. Fear of abandonment

Most victims of emotional manipulation in relationships ignore the obvious warning signs because they are afraid that they will be alone. This leads to the establishment of toxic and unhealthy relationships that negatively affect emotional and mental health. Fear is the first sign of manipulation and a signal that it is time to end such a relationship. Also, the first step of any manipulator is to make the victim fall into complete dependence on him. They usually do this by isolating them gradually from family and friends.

3. Comparison with other people

Manipulators always compare the victim of manipulation with other people in order to destroy a person's self-confidence. They usually point out to them the successes and good sides of other people, suggesting bad actions of the victim, which makes you feel less valuable. Eventually, victims develop a sense of imperfection in everything they do, which leads to anxiety and emotional instability.

Such signals are serious red flags, that is, everything is clearly implying that this relationship should be terminated. Remember, love is not pain, but beauty, honesty, and tenderness. You deserve only the best of relationships, you deserve support and love at all times.

By: Helen B.