What happened with Jessie J ?

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Jessie J may be the best pop singer of all time today, but she is also an example of someone whose path to success was more than thorny. The artist, who turned 34 yesterday, was pushed into the world of show business by the hits ‘Do it like a dude’, ‘Prica tag’, and then ‘Bang Bang’, which she sang with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. She began her career filming herself in a room in front of a mirror.

She first participated in the popular teen competition ‘Britain’s Brilliant Prodigies ’ where she won. However, when the single was finally released, Gut Records closed its doors to her, and Jessie continued to write her own music and sing it in her room, posting the recordings on YouTube.

Of course, it wasn’t long before she was noticed by the big producers and from that moment on her star shone brighter than ever. However, as fame took an upward trajectory as if by some old rule that says you can’t have everything in life, Jessie hid her emotional and health problems.

Because of her ear problems, her career has been called into question. Due to Menier’s disease, or inner ear disease, which is characterized by attacks of dizziness, nausea and vomiting, as well as tinnitus and deafness, the singer at one point said goodbye to her fans to dedicate herself to recovery. She spoke about her condition in mid-August when she described how particularly difficult it was for her to be affected by the disease.

‘Yesterday I tried to sing a song that I normally sing with ease and I didn’t succeed. The problem is not my voice, but the disease affects him. I sobbed for hours. I allowed myself to feel the part that is broken in me that I often ignore, even though it shouldn’t be. Six months have not passed without pain in my neck and throat. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse ‘, she wrote then, among other things, adding that she tries to be positive.

In her latest post, however, she informed fans that she will retire from social media until she gets better.

‘I’m going to disappear from social media for a while and focus 100 percent on myself and addressing what’s happening to my body. I am writing this out of love and respect for the fans who follow and support me here. See you when such images are created in the present moment, and not just a memory ‘, she wrote next to the photo in which she sings.

However, inner ear problems were nothing for what she experienced in parallel. Namely, Jessie was in a relationship with Channing Tatum and it seemed that she was finally happy and fulfilled, but also ready to fulfill herself in the most beautiful role – to become a mother. But all her dreams fell through when she learned that she would probably never be able to make her biggest dream come true because she suffers from endometriosis. This was followed by a breakup with the actor who allegedly left her because of it, and the singer later found happiness with her new boyfriend, Max Pham.

However, the days of happiness did not last long because this relationship broke down in October last year, and Jessie was trying on every way to have a child. Unfortunately, although at one point she managed to get pregnant, the pregnancy did not last.

‘Yes, I decided to become a mother myself, because I wanted to do it all my life. And life is short. The pregnancy itself was a miracle and an experience I will never forget. I know I will experience it again. The grief is huge and I am still in shock. I know that millions of women around the world have experienced this and worse pain. This is the loneliest feeling in the world ‘, the singer wrote.

Jessie, who is currently unknown if she has a partner, now said she has only one goal to become a mother in the next two years.

‘I don’t care how I achieve it – naturally, surrogates, artificial insemination or adoption … in any way, I’m open to it,‘ she said recently.





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