What is Black Stone in Kaaba?


The Black Stone is probably related to the pre-Islamic religion of Makkah. Muslims from all over the world frequently visit Makkah by booking Umrah packages. The Black Stone also known as “Hajr-e-Aswad” is a rock that is encased in an oval-shaped silver frame. It is situated in the Kaaba’s eastern corner.

The stone has been broken up into numerous fragments of black granite. The largest fragment is the size of a date, which is one of the few visible fragments. Likewise, it’s on the height of 1.5 metres above the ground of Kaaba’s structure. The petrous is significant and valuable in Islam. Let’s understand the narrative history of this shiny, reputable gem.


The Black Stone History

For Muslims, the Black Stone holds a special significance. The Stone measures about 30 cm in diameter. There are many myths surrounding its origin and placement within the wall of the Holy Kaaba.

Muslims revere it as a relic of Islam that dates back to the time of Adam and Eve. It fell from Heaven to instruct Adam and Eve on the location of the first place of worship on Earth. That one place will become the planet’s first temple. However, there is no proper proof of the narration as mentioned above.

The most accurate and widely believed narration states that Black Stone was given to Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) while he was constructing the Holy Kaaba.

The narration claims that once Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and His son Prophet Ismail (A.S) were constructing the structure of the Holy Kaaba. They were doing this on the order of Allah Almighty’s instruction for a place of worship and sanctity. They were one stone short of completing the walls. Following this, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) gave His son instruction to find an appropriate rock that would fit in the gap. While looking, Prophet Ismail (A.S) was unable to locate a suitable rock. After coming back, He noticed that the gap had been filled. Upon asking, Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) said the stone was sent to Him by Heaven through Angel Jibraeel (A.S).

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During Prophecy’s declaration to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

The Pagan tribes of Mecca regarded the Black Stone as sacred before the declaration of prophecy. All the Meccan tribes decide to rebuild the Kaaba. The construction started and went fairly until the Black Stone fixed the problem. Each tribe thought it was a very big insult on their part if they don’t take part in embedding the Hajr-e-Aswad. There will be a kind of war between them. One person among them came up with an idea. He said let’s wait until tomorrow to see who arrives at the Masjid al-Haram first in the morning. And he will put the rock on Kaaba. Everyone was anticipating the next morning, they saw Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) enter first through the gate of the Grand Mosque. Then He (PBUH) took this sacred stone and set it in the appropriate place.



To sum it up, it is the stone where the Tawaf ritual of Hajj and Umrah begins and ends. Pilgrims kiss it to complete the ritual of pilgrimages. Pilgrims kiss it to complete the ritual of pilgrimages. Paying respect to the Black Stone in the Holy Kaaba is an essential component of the spiritual journeys. You ought to revere and honour Hajr-e-Aswad because the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did so. Muslims must remember that no other thing has the right to that honour.

The most revered rock in the entire world is the Kaaba’s centrepiece. You can easily see the Black Stone in Kaaba during the pilgrimage by purchasing Umrah packages 2023.

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