Why is Megan Fox hiding from cameras?

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Actress Megan Fox (35) has several times denied speculations about plastic surgery, but her photos before and after speak differently.

At celebrity events, Megan, along with her new boyfriend, often appears in challenging releases, and fans who follow her work have noticed that she has changed her look quite a bit. The famous actress admitted that she does not feel the way the media presents her.

Fans of actress Megan Fox on social media in recent months point out that the 35-year-old actress has gone too far with the procedures on her face because recent photos show that she has completely changed. She ignores such criticism, so she was recently filmed coming out of Dr. Jason B. Diamond’s  aesthetic clinic, which is regularly visited by the famous Kardashian sisters, and now Megan is reportedly undergoing a procedure to enlarge her lips. As she left the clinic, she hid her lips with her hands and pulled a hood over her head, hoping no one would recognize her. 

At the Diamond Face Institute clinic visited by Megan, they point out that their goal is to give patients a younger and more natural look through a wide range of surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. Jason B. Diamond has a whole range of services in his clinic that he provides to famous Hollywood stars, and some procedures cost up to 75 thousand dollars . Megan Fox has long denied that she was undergoing rejuvenation procedures, and in 2011 she vehemently denied such claims.

Then, she posted a series of selfies in which she looked quite tense and fans began to comment on how she looks like she was on Botox and she denied it. In the comments, her followers now write that she exaggerated and tell her that her lips were beautiful and without augmentation.

“Your mouth looks like it’s going to crack any minute. You will destroy your natural appearance .” her fans told her. 





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