Angelina Jolie's nanny revealed everything!

FAR FROM THE IDEAL PARENT: The nanny who worked for Angelina revealed her true face while with the children. The nanny brought up all the dirt.

Angelina Jolie's nanny revealed everything!

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For a long time now, Angelina Jolie has been trying to portray herself in the eyes of the public as an ideal mother who manages to cope with her six children, despite the statements of her ex-husband Brad Pitt that this is not the case.

She allegedly raises and educates children in her own way, which she believes has a positive effect on their maturation and growth, and as she stated, her primary goal of upbringing is homework and education and instilling respect and love for all living beings. She once stated that she sings lullabies to them every night in a different voice to entertain them.

But a nanny who worked for Angelina and stayed with them 24 hours a day revealed to American OK magazine that behind closed doors things are completely different.

‘ She is a mother who is very absent because of her daily problems and career, she doesn’t get to dedicate herself to children and it’s a recipe for ruin, the nanny said in an interview, adding that Angelina can’t restrain the children and they are completely out of control, they work what they want and do not give in to anything. Especially since she divorced Brad in 2016.

‘ Angelina thinks she’s a modern mom because she treats them like adults. But the truth is that children need a rebuke from time to time to be able to distinguish right from wrong. Angelina creates more problems than good and does them a disservice ', is the opinion of the nanny who looked after Angelina's six children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and the twins, Vivienne and Knox.

And while in the eyes of the public Angelina looks like a sacrificial single mother who holds the reins firmly in her hands over raising children, when the cameras don’t film her she is liberal to both her vices and to children, even preliberal, the nanny claims.

She is prone to drinking and opens a bottle of red wine almost every night, and sometimes more.

Although her oldest children are far below the limit when they are legally allowed to drink alcohol, Angelina occasionally allows them to drink a glass or two, said a nanny who thinks it is hypocritical of Angelina to accuse Brad of having problems with child custody in court. I'm drinking.

She also said that the 46-year-old actress allegedly often has to watch videos containing violence for work, and does not hesitate to show it to children, which was not the case while Brad lived in the house.

The nanny also denied Angelina's statements about lullabies and claims it is a thing of the past.

I’ve heard she often goes out in the evenings and leaves the kids all alone without someone older to supervise them, and she almost left them for more than ten hours during the night while she was making a new film, ’ she said, questioning much of Angelina’s image the ideal parent.