Bizarre or not? These Balenciaga shoes for the summer of 2022 have divided the world!

Photo Credits : Balenciaga

Crocs inspired us to reinterpret Balenciaga. Balenciaga x Crocs collaboration is not impossible – the question of taste is a very subjective matter. In 6 months, we will see how this goes in our stores “, announced Gvasalia in 2017. ”I wore Crocs this summer to see how I felt in them, and I can say they are the most comfortable slippers in the world. I just wanted to give them a modern touch: a platform. After all, fashion is just fun, ” he said at the time.
The crocs with the platform cost $ 850 and immediately became a fashion hit that sold out as soon as possible.

Now they have gone a step further and created a bizarre fashion piece that the whole world is talking about – Crocs boots and crocs with heels. It is part of the new Balenciaga collection Clones Spring 2022, which was shown in early June.

After Gucci “hacked” Balenciaga, the brand retaliated in the same way, replacing the famous GG logo with BB, and a similar redesign move was made with Crocs, in their eccentric manner.

By: Amber V. – Gossip Whispers





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