Bling-bling! Ankle boots that we would love to have

Photo Credits : Caitlyn Wilson/Unsplash

Flashing lights, shining disco balls, bling-bling in all directions – this could visually summarize the upcoming holiday season. 

 Photo Credits: jimmy choo

This is exactly what the streets of our cities will look like soon, and many have already enriched their homes with appropriate decorations. 

A little glitter doesn’t hurt anyone, especially when it comes to fashion. Before us is the time of year when we most often reach for sequins, both on clothes and shoes.

Sequined shoes used to be unthinkable in daily variants, but the boundaries of fashion have long since been shifted, so no one will look at you too strangely if you walk down the street in the middle of the day in, for example, glittering ankle boots.

We can only dream of expensive models of famous brands, but that does not mean that we cannot look at them and fantasize.

 Photo Credits: jimmy choo

So many shoe lovers in their wardrobe would surely want the Myan 45 model by the legendary designer Jimmy Choo, who made his first pair of shoes when he was only 11 years old.

Myan 45 is the name of a beautiful ankle boot decorated with sequins and a crystal clasp and a 45-millimeter heel, which is sold at a price of 875 euros.

This figure seems like a real trifle compared to the price of its Youth II model. Namely, these biker ankle boots decorated with crystals can be bought for 4995 euros.

Now, all we need is to win a lottery and we are completely set for buying these kind of boots. However, given that most of us mortals can’t afford them, we can only enjoy looking at them.

Or better yet, you could go to some thrift shop and hope to find a pair at a much cheaper price!





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