Machine Gun Kelly tried to impress Megan Fox

Photo Credits : 2021 iHeartMedia

Musician Machine Gun Kelly (31), who recently decided to start using his real name again,  Colson Baker visited Jimmy Fallon (47) and told about an accident that could have tragic consequences. 

Travis Barker gave me a knife that had engraved lyrics from my new album on it, so when I got home I wanted to impress Megan and I threw it in the air – Kelly started the story about the knife and explained what actually happened:

– I told her: ‘Look at this’ and threw the knife, which I should have caught, but I still finished with the stitches because it stuck in my hand – he said with a laugh.

Megan was his new girlfriend at the time, so he waited until she left to seek medical help and went to sewing.

As he says, he has not used his real name since he was 15, but he said that he likes it again, and it suits him better for his acting career.

Disney and Nickelodeon aren’t big fans of my stage name,” he said, and Machine Gun Kelly would translate to ‘Kelly Machine Gun’.

Musician and actress Megan Fox, 35, has been attracting attention for the past year with her controversial relationship as well as the fashion she chooses to appear on the red carpet.





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