Britney Spears responds to her sister

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Britney Spears is not happy that her sister Jamie Lynn has published a book in which she talks about their turbulent relationship.

The singer commented on her younger sister’s interview on “Good Morning America,” in which she discussed her book ‘Things I Should Have Said’.

The singer made a special reference in the Twitter post to the statements made about her by her younger sister in the media, who claimed that Britney was “paranoid and unstable”, reports the Daily Mail

Britney addressed the public via Twitter after seeing her sister advertise her new memoirs, “Selling a book at my expense,” she wrote, adding, “My sister said my behavior got out of hand. She was not near me 15 years, so why is he talking about me at all, unless she wants to sell the book at my expense ??? Really? ” the singer wrote.

The 40-year-old superstar said in a post that while watching the interview with Lynn Spears she got a fever, and that was one of the reasons she needed to publicly explain to everyone what her relationship with her sister Lynn actually is.

“I know that may sound silly to most people, but I wrote a lot of my own songs when my sister was still a baby. Jamie Lynn never had to work for anything. They afforded her everything. If you were me, you might understand.”, wrote Spears, who concluded, “My family has ruined my dreams 100 billion percent and is trying to make me look like a lunatic.”

Singer Britney Spears recently celebrated her 40th birthday, but also her freedom, which she has not had for 13 years. Now, this pop icon is enjoying herself with fiancé Sam Asghari (27) who sees nothing strange in her Instagram videos.

The singer does not stop shocking her Instagram followers with somewhat unusual videos in which she performs dance exhibitions, and she recently published a compilation of photos in which she is quite naked. Britney has been stripped on Instagram several times since her battle to end her father Jaime’s custody over the past 13 years ended in court last year. One of the last photos she shared shows her posing with her back turned and she is wearing only miniature red thongs.

Just a week ago, she also posted a photo of herself posing without a single piece of clothing on, while she covered strategic parts of her body with only flower emoticons. She has already pointed out on Instagram several times how happy she is to have control over her own life and property. Also, she is happy to be able to make her own decisions, and that is the reason why she celebrated her freedom absolutely naked.





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